Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Arxis Customer, Legendary Entertainment, wins Intacct Customer Success Award

Arxis Client, Legendary Entertainment, was chosen as an Intacct 2014 Customer Success Award winner. We are proud of the Legendary team and honored to be their business partner!

Arxis and Legendary team with Intacct CEO, Rob Reid

Legendary has benefited from using Intacct in dramatic ways!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The ABCs of an Integrated Paperless Solution

The ABC’s of an Integrated Paperless Solution

Document management systems do so many different things – it can be a little intimidating at
first. We want to do our best to simplify the topic for you so you can focus on the functionality that resonates most for your company. Let’s take it back to the basics by looking at the ABC’s of a paperless solution and what it means to you.

One of the main reasons companies look at going paperless is so that everyone in the organization has easy access to the documents they need from wherever they are. The problem with paper documents is they can only exist in one place unless you make copies and spend twice the time and costs to file them.

When an employee signs onto a document management application from their computer, they can easily search and find any document they have the proper security rights to view. They can quickly take an action on the document – approve, route, notate, email, code – whatever the case may be. And all those actions will be recorded behind the scenes for auditing and reporting purposes.

Another common challenge caused by paper documents is the struggle to bring documents together. If a customer requires back up documentation when you deliver their invoices, that often means hunting down each of the associated documents, making copies and re-filing the originals. If that’s a typical practice for you, it can eat up a lot of your time.

With a paperless system like Sage ERP Document Management, documents are brought together by way of similar property values. If you were to search by check number, for example, you could find a check and all of the invoices that check was used to pay for. All related documents can be quickly opened side-by-side for verification or attached to an email and delivered.

In their paper form, documents can be easily lost, misplaced or buried. Those involved in processing the document lose visibility and can run the risk of getting charged heavy late fees for invoices not paid on time.

With an electronic workflow, everyone can view a document and its status right from their desktop at any given time. Alerts can be scheduled to notify employees if a document isn’t acted on in a certain amount of time. This means managers don’t have to stay on top of everyone’s tasks anymore to make sure things get done, but they have the ability to run status reports from the system if they choose to do so.

These are just a few of the main reasons to start thinking about going paperless. For more information or to schedule a demonstration, give Arxis Technology a call! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

SugarCRM Certified for Avalara’s Sales Tax Automation Solution

We're pleased to announce the pairing of two outstanding solutions: SugarCRM and AvaTax.

From the press release, "SugarCRM customers can now use Avalara's AvaTax capabilities from within Sugar's existing workflow to automatically calculate the final sales tax amount on every quote. This eliminates the tedious work and complexity of calculating taxes across multiple jurisdictions and helps businesses focus on their core offering."

Initial reactions to the connector have been very positive. One unnamed source ranked the duo slightly behind "salt and pepper," but just ahead of "love and marriage."  He concluded by saying, "I suppose it's possible to have one without the other, but why?"

(So that last quote was a joke, but trying to manually comply with the rapidly changing sales tax landscape is no joke at all.) For many professionals, calculating sales tax remains a manual and error-prone process, and one that increases the risk of sales tax audits, penalties, and fines.

The last thing that sales reps need is the hassle of manually calculating sales tax. It's cumbersome, inefficient, and error-prone, leading to delayed or lost sales and angry prospects and customers. Now, with the integration of SugarCRM and AvaTax, reps are equipped to be efficient and accurate with all their quotes.

For more information on the connector, please visit http://www.avalara.com/integrations/sugarcrm/.

Monday, March 10, 2014

5 Questions with Inspector Gadget

David Cieslak, Arxis Principle, AKA "Inspector Gadget", recently sat down with our good friends from CodePartners and answered five questions about his visit to the "Computer Electronics Show" in Las Vegas.

Here's what he had to say.