Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tech talk: What CPAs need to know

Tax Code modifications and new FASB rules aren’t the only changes that CPAs have to concern themselves with these days. Whether it’s the security of clients’ data, the implications of migrating to the cloud, or the uncertain future of the once-venerable desktop, rapid technological transformation continues to generate new challenges and opportunities for accounting professionals.

What do CPAs need to know about big data, bring your own device (BYOD), malware, mobile computing, and any number of other technology issues? To find out, the JofA for the second straight year assembled a trio of top experts to provide answers, one of which was Arxis Technology’s (ATI) very own David Cieslak, CPA, CITP. 
Some of the questions asked were:

·        What’s the most exciting technology trend or development in the accounting space?

·        Which of the many available devices will show the most staying power, and which ones will make the biggest impression on the accounting profession?

·        What are the biggest security threats on the technology front, and what should accounting firms and CPAs be doing to protect themselves?

To see his answers to these questions and more, along with the other two experts, please visit the Journal of Accountancy Blog.

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