Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sage Pro ERP and Sage PFW ERP Product Retirement and Migration

Sage Pro ERP and Sage PFW ERP
Product Retirement and Migration


Sage’s announcement and why the products are being sunsetted

Sage has made the decision to officially “retire” Sage Pro and PFW. Their decision to do so is based on unsupported technology in both products and to better focus their internal efforts on their strategic ERP products – Sage 100, Sage 300, and Sage X3.

Sage Pro and PFW have had long and productive lives. But they’re long in the tooth and it’s time for them to grab a comfy porch rocking chair, a glass of iced tea, and reminisce about the good old days when FoxPro and Visual Basic 2008 were young and hip. 

As a Sage Pro or PFW customer, you have a unique window of opportunity to migrate to Sage 100, 300 or X3. With the license promo and the Sage Migration tool, there’s no better time to do so.

The window of opportunity to migrate

Now is the time to start planning your successful transition to a modern ERP system like Sage 100, 300 or X3. Moving to a new solution provides a more powerful, scalable, and integrated system to support your ongoing business needs. Below are three compelling reasons to move to a modern ERP system today!
  • Improve critical business processes—Receive regular product enhancements and take advantage of modern solutions for mobility, business intelligence, cloud, and more.
  • Upgraded technology—Sage ERP solutions are based on scalable and flexible programming languages, incorporating the latest advances in technology.
  • Additional functionality—Modern Sage ERP solutions offer add-on solutions and modules for CRM, payroll, HR, and more. In addition a variety of endorsed solutions provide industry-specific applications that seamlessly connect to Sage ERP and your core financial data—making the cross-functional integration of Sage ERP throughout the company a reality.

When you trade up from Sage Pro ERP or Sage PFW ERP to a new Sage ERP solution on or before September 30, 2013, you'll receive credit through the Sage Investment Protection Program. How the program works:

·    Trade in Sage Pro/PFW for one of our modern Sage ERP solutions.

·    Sage will credit based on your existing Sage Pro/PFW license and which product you switch to.

How does the migrator tool work?


Why work with Arxis?

In addition to a compelling price promotion and a data migration tool, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got a Sage partner who will assist in your evaluation and implementation project. We invite you to contact us or peruse our website to learn how about how we can help. Arxis provides:

1)      Broad and diverse experience with the Sage ERP portfolio

2)      Expertise with the Sage Migrator tool

4)      Top Sage ERP partner


Contact us today!

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