Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Sean Combs of ERP Software

Sean / Puffy / P. Diddy / Diddy
Question: What do Sage and rapper / singer / record producer / actor / entrepreneur Sean Combs have in common?

Answer: Not really much at all, other than a tendency to change names a lot.

Sage recently announced that they will be changing the names of many of their products in an attempt to create a more consistent brand identity. The emphasis going forward will be more on the “Sage” name rather than the product names such as Peachtree, Accpac, and MAS 90.

The transition is scheduled to take place throughout the course of 2012. The following table provides an overview of the current and new names for Sage’s ERP portfolio:

The product groupings are designed to categorize products based on capabilities and target audience.
  • Sage 50 products are easy-to-install, off-the-shelf solutions for small businesses
  • Sage 100 products are for larger businesses with more sophisticated requirements that may require advanced configuration of the software.
  • Sage 300 products are also for larger business with more sophisticated requirements and are available for international distribution.
  • Sage 500 products are for larger businesses whose requirements may include customization to meet unique operational needs.

Accpac / Accpac Advantage /
Sage Accpac / Sage 300
If you’re confused, don’t worry. Most importantly, only the product name is changing. Underneath the packaging, the product is still the same. For more details, please visit the Sage rebranding website or watch the 2.5 minute brand change video.
As always, don’t hesitate to contact Arxis at 866-624-2600 if we can provide any information or assistance.
Regardless of the Sage product names, our commitment to taking great care of our customers and prospects remains unchanged!

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