Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thought Leadership at Arxis

At Arxis, we strive to provide technical and financial expertise for our clients. It's a unique combination of consulting and skill, but something that's essential for success in implementing and supporting ERP software.

We're blessed to have some of the best at both here at Arxis Technology. In fact, David Cieslak, was one of 25 chosen for the "CPA Practice Advisor Thought Leader Symposium" earlier this year.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Sage MAS 500 Success - NNA

As the largest and oldest organization serving the nation’s 4.8 million notaries, the nonprofit, multi-entity National Notary Association (NNA) serves a membership that represents every U.S. state and jurisdiction.
The organization works to promote notarial best practices through accredited education programs, certification, and support.

Arxis Technology worked with National Notary to implement Sage MAS 500 and eRequester. They've experienced numerous benefits from the software and Arxis Technology services, which include:
  • Financial reporting tasks are simplified and reports are more flexible and accurate.
  • Accounts Payable invoice tasks are streamlined, resulting in faster and more accurate processing.
  • Integration with legacy application and electronic requisition software increase efficiency and eliminate manual steps. 
Controller, Patty DiMolfetta, said, "Arxis Technology really made this project a success. They are with us every step of the way and never stop analyzing, asking questions, and looking for ways to improve our systems and processes. They truly are partners in our success.”

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Faster, Better Reporting with BizNet

Arxis client, BeyondTrust, is the global provider of privilege authorization management, access control and security solutions for virtualization and cloud computing environments. We invite you to read about the success they have experienced in using BizNet Financial Reporter in conjunction with Sage MAS 500.

Key benefits they've received include:
  • Automated reporting processes
  • 50% reduction in time to compile month-end reports
  • Efficiency gains that have led to the ability for finance to add more value to the organization
For BeyondTrust, BizNet  “...makes things faster and allows us to provide management with the real-time, actionable data they need to make decisions.”

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