Friday, February 25, 2011

Combating IT Security Threats

David Cieslak, Arxis Principal, recently sat down with Alexandra DeFelice at the "Journal of Accountancy" and shared a number of thoughts on best practices for IT security. While given with CPA firms in mind, the information shared can benefit any business looking to secure their IT infrastructure. Topics included:
  • Employee education
  • Secure file transfer
  • Passwords / passphrases
  • Social networking / email
  • Web search
We invite you to listen to the podcast.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Don't Miss Sage Summit!

Don’t miss the educational event of the year for Sage customers!
No matter how long you’ve been using your Sage solution, you can do more and you can learn more. That’s what Sage Summit is all about. It’s the annual conference for Sage customers, taking place July 12-15, 2011 on the banks of the Potomac outside Washington, DC.

Sage Summit is packed with a wealth of content that will enable you to gain a more complete understanding of your Sage solution’s capabilities and how to use and apply them. This is an event that starts delivering value from the moment you arrive. Key takeaways include:
  • Concrete knowledge and skills to help take full advantage of your Sage solutions
  • Valuable information and real-world experiences from other Sage software users
  • Expert answers to specific product questions you’ve been wrestling with
  • Trends, insight, and guidance from thought leaders in your industry
  • Product roadmaps highlighting new features and enhancements
If your organization is committed to improving productivity and getting more out of your Sage solution, make a point to send at least one of your employees to Sage Summit. It’s the only event where you can become part of the Sage community by connecting with and learning from fellow software users, product experts, and support analysts—all under one roof.
Visit for complete conference details.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Cloud Computing for Manufacturers

The cloud is open for manufacturers! Once thought only to be the domain of email, CRM, or very simple business management software, the cloud now offers some excellent options for manufacturing firms.

Derek Singleton at Software Advice has written a helpful article on Cloud Computing Options for Manufacturers. It provides a high-level look at some the available options, industries they serve, and the manufacturing features and other ERP components included in the offering.

As consultants for SAP Business ByDesign, which includes supply chain management capabilities in addition to financial management, customer relationship management, human resource management, supplier relationship management, and more, Arxis is eager to assist manufacturers who are exploring the benefits of cloud-based software. We invite you to peruse the ByDesign resource page on our website or call us at 866-624-2600 x 115.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

David Cieslak = Thought Leader

Arxis Technology Principal, David Cieslak, is participating in the CPA Technology Advisor's "Thought Leadership Symposium" in Dallas on February 20 - 22. He joins a virtual "who's who" of giants in the accounting industry, including experts such as Gary Boomer, Ron Eagle, Randy Johnston, Jim Metzler, Doug Sleeter, Jennifer Wilson, and Geni Whitehouse.

Topics to be discussed range in scope from strategic planning, technology, risk management, performance, micro-computing accounting systems, profitability, organizational growth, emerging technologies, public accounting trends, start-up tips, social media outreach, tax, audit, client services, green accounting, accreditations, measurement, software solutions, and workflow.

Learn more about this first-of-its-kind program on the CPA Technology Advisor website.