Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Business ByDesign for the iPad & iPhone

SAP has recently released a Business ByDesign app for the iPad or iPhone. From the iTunes app store:

"The SAP Business ByDesign app is a mobile version of SAP’s on-demand Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution for small and medium-sized companies.
It has an intuitive user interface specifically designed for business on-the-run, allowing you to access many of the main functions of the system such as:

• Managing accounts, contacts, and activities

• Creating sales orders and checking product availability

• Sending approvals and forwarding tasks

• Viewing personalized reports"

Check out these screenshots to see how easy and accessible mobile computing can be!

Available CRM functionality is perfect
for the mobile salesperson.
Financial data is displayed in an intuitive fashion.

Best of all, the Business ByDesign app for iPad or iPhone is completely free! (While it won't do you much good without a valid license of Business ByDesign, Arxis can help you with that!)

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