Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Solution to Your Printing Challenges

Do you ever have challenges with printing and distributing documents? If your answer ranges anywhere from “of course,” to “DUH,” to “what a stupid question, you imbecile” you need to know more about PrintBoss by Wellspring Software.

PrintBoss is a fantastic and inexpensive add-on product for a number of ERP applications including Sage Accpac, MAS 90 & 200, MAS 500 & QuickBooks Enterprise. Here are just a few of the things it can do for you:
  • Print checks on blank check stock – only purchase one check stock to print checks for multiple companies or multiple bank accounts
  • Print security verified signatures – signatures can be printed on any check and signature printing can be conditional based on the amount of the check or the bank account used
  • Automatically create a Positive Pay file – send check information to your bank to guard against check fraud
  • Print any accounting form – customize and print unique invoices, purchase orders, etc. for any number of companies
  • Print multi-part documents – print additional copies of a form. (e.g. Customer Copy, Accounting Copy, etc.), which can virtually eliminate the cost of multiple part forms
  • Email documents – send original documents or copies via email
But wait … there’s more! The Standard version of PrintBoss costs less than $500 and includes your first 500 checks!

Do you have a difficult printing challenge? Don’t hold back! Let us know the details and we can work with our friends at PrintBoss to help solve it!


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  1. I like PrintBoss as a product for handling secure check printing and Positive Pay. One warning, however, is that PrintBoss's imaging process requires a lot of horsepower. So, if you're printing large check runs (say, 1,000 or more checks), it can take a considerable amount of time to execute the imaging process and start the actual check printing. (This is true unless PrintBoss has accelerated its code or change the processing in the last couple of years.)